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9 May 2017

Sripada New Age Energy - 8

Sripada New Age Energy -8

Vegetarian food vs Non-vegetarian food

Vegetarian food is full of vibrant life and they carry the male, female and neutral energy which are very much required for the sustenance of life of human beings. If the plant kingdom was not existed in the creation of God, there is no creation of anything at all.  The entire creation can’t forward at all. That is the importance of plant kingdom, even the animals depends on this kingdom on these plants than much as we depend on them.

We have already explained lesson on the clay pots and relation between mother earth and plants. So we do not to wish to repeat the same here so kindly go through those articles so you will understand more about the plant kingdom. We will cover here those points which were not covered in those lessons. When we are eating various kinds of vegetables or fruits from various kinds of plant kingdom our body converts all such foods into pancha pranas. These pancha pranas are different kinds of energies which are responsible for carrying various vital or important functions of body without which the life will not exists at all. So in short the plant kingdom is giving us the life. These vegetables and fruits are giving us energy to talk. They are also responsible for formation of different kinds of thoughts. Which we already dealt in our previous chapters. At different occasions the experts in Ayurveda will prescribe different kinds of food which will promote, Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik prakruthis.

Human beings are very much closer to the plants in previous chapters. The reaction of the plants and trees with full of thorns to the negative words spoken by the people and also on the positive effect of the old woman in her post menopausal cycle how she got her pregnancy and in our third case we had example from China.

There is a close relationship betweens trees and human beings because there is an exchange of energies between these two. The plans and trees give us oxygen without this we can’t survive even for a second, it takes carbon dioxide from human beings which is very useful for trees to carry on their life activities. (in modern hospitals they are supplying oxygen with help of cylinders which is costing fortune). In reality what is happening when you are talking to a plant or a tree with loving words? These plants they respond to the thought forms of the human beings, if the thought forms of human beings are full of love, care and compassion then they are translated into the sound of their language and these plants will respond very positively because they understand this language as they have supplied the raw material to the human beings to convert the energy form to the thought form and then into the sound waves, hence they understand the language of the human beings in his deep trance with regular practise when attains a quantum  state he can understand the language of the trees and plants. Which are in the form of vibrations, for this you need to expand and enhance your consciousness to a higher dimension. Those who have not read the Autobiography of A Yogi, I request them to read this book and in particularly the chapter concerning the Luther Burbank.

In our Sanatana Dharma after completing japa or pooja, normally while we doing japa normally we keep a copper vessel with two leaves of holy basil i.e., Tulsi and once the japa is completed drink, sprinkle and offer that as teertha to family members and finally we used to pore this Tulsi water to plants. And those plants which are dried up will once again come to life in two to three weeks (those who are interested may read the spiritual soup article in which the real experiment was conducted by this author on Tulsi). Some of us may be having in a little doubt in corner of our mind that while even the plants are having life how come we also taking the life out of this plant kingdom when we are eating them?

When we are eating vegetables or fruits all these fruits and vegetables will have positive and negative energies, not in the adjective or sex form, but only as energies or polarities. All these vegetables or fruits are made up of some trillions of tiny atoms, which carry positive, negative and neutral energies. Namely protons, electrons and neutrons. All these atoms carry these charges called as ions in science. They are also called as electrolytes ( If you have seens the doctor's prescription to those suffering from dehydrations that is losing water in hot summer because of diarrhea or dysentery all these atoms or molecules will be drained out, thus causing the very serious imbalance of energies within the body. Doctors prescribe electral powder. On that sachet they will write what exactly it contains like Potassium, Sodium etc and they have symbols of positive and negative.)