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8 May 2017

Sripada New Age Energy - 7

Sripada New Age Energy - 7

The quality of the Aura depends on the quality of food we eat. We all know that the quality of food we eat will convert into the quality of our mind. This is our Indian thought. Our physical body is nothing but the accumulation of food we eat right from the birth. Certain foods when we eat regularly will effect our mind and change our thinking, certain food when we eat in the liquid form will also have an effect on our mind. For example if you take alcohol drink which was take out of the vegetable kingdom, when you drink this alcohol maybe in the form of toddy, the indian liquor take out of from the toddy trees or beer which is also taken out of the barley seeds, even the whiskey which is also derivative from the vegetable person, even a very balanced person when he takes these alcohol the different kinds of alcohol after sometime he will lose his balance and he will not be conscious about what he is talking. All his positive and negative thoughts will come out of his mouth. You can see the face and complexion of the chronic alcoholic. He will age faster than any other healthy individual

Different kinds of food
There are three different kinds of foods in spiritual sense. The foods which will have promote Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik prakruthi tatvas or characters. The word Satvik derived from the word Sat means good.

Satvik food when eaten regularly will increase the quality of the aura, the person will be very much balanced, and he will not react easily when compared to other people. He will not get angry easily, even how much of the provocation other are doing. He will be able to keep his calm he is very very slow to anger. His words are always soft spoken and he will influence the people around in a very positive manner, his aura will assume a silkish complexion and bluish in color. The color blue represents peace. The person who is very peaceful his aura will assume the bluish color. They are strict vegetarians and they eat all kinds of vegetables which promote only satvik pravutti.

The next category of food are those which promote Rajasik character where these people will have some kind of materialistic ambitions. The term Rajasik has come from word Rajas. If a particular king or Raja in our language we called as Rajas, if these Rajas if they are 100% satvik then it will be very difficult for them to rule their kingdom. Hence they should have a little of all these qualities, namely Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik. They are supposed to have certain amount of ego, ‘I’ consciousness, ‘My’ consciousness and ‘Me’ consciousness. While people of satvik also will have ambitions but purely spiritual, whereas Rajas should have some amount of Rajasik tatva that is  ‘I’ consciousness, My, Me things should be predominant, in these Rajas or Kings. A special diet is also prescribed for these rajas, an emperor will have more than 200 to 300 dishes in their diet, which are mostly selected, prescribed and prepared by the  ayurvedic doctors who are very much into the science of ayurveda and various properties of different kinds of herbs and exact ratio which they have to be mixed. There will be solids, semi-solids and purely in the liquid forms. The specialists will be taking all these dishes and once they approved. In case of kings, around 150 kinds of dishes are prescribed in their diet by their special medicinal doctors. That is how a great science has evolved in the selection of these diets. Particularly the people who fight for their kings, the Rajas or emperors, for them a different kind of food is prescribed.

Among the emperors and kings there may be pure vegetarians and some of the emperors may be also having non-veg diet. The exact ratio of the combination is prescribed by the expert dietitians or the medicinal doctors. When the question up for the army who have to fight for their kings in the battle field, their foods predominantly promotes, tamasik feelings of anger, valor, courage qualities. A certain amount of cruelty also. If these things are lacking  they can’t win a war. In their diet predominantly consists of food which promotes minimum of Tamasik gunas and also promotes Rajasik gunas and also a little Satvik food being also being served which promotes Satvika tatvas. Because they need to be intelligent, if only 100% tamasik food is give to the army they will be having wit or tact in dealing the enemies. Hence their diet also contains Satvik, Rajasika and Tamasik food but their proportion varies according to their actions and the responsibilities.

In ancient bharath there was no permanent army. Almost all the people in the army were villages. When there was no war they were used to cultivate their farmlands that time their food will definitely  vary. Again a certain balanced proportion of Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik food they were used to eat. Since there was no enemy to fight.

The downfall of Tanjore
In telugu we call it as Tanjavuru, is a city in Tamilnadu, which is conquered by Srikrishna Devaraya. A short novel was written by Malladi Vasundhara in which more than 100 items served to the kings were described. ( Those who are interested in this book please read this book and you will surprised to know how many different kinds of foods were being prepared in ancient Bharath and even now in modern India.)  

Those people mainly eat the satvik food in major ratio will have their aura as smooth, strong, intact and healthy with  a bluish color. In these people the Anaahatha chakra (Never ending or Heart chakra or Vortex) will be always active. Along with Anahata chakra the Manipooraka, Visuddha, Agna and Sahasraraka chakras are also activated in different degrees. In those who eat predominantly Rajasik food their Mooladara chakra (Base Chakra) and Manipooraka chakra are predominantly activated than other chakras. Those who predominantly eat tamasik food, their Mooladhara chakra very much activated compared to Rajasik people and even their Manipooraka chakra with full of negative emotions. As we progress in this series of New Age Energy chapters, we will come to know more about these chakras at a later time.