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1 May 2017

Sripada New Age Energy - 5

                                                   Sripada New Age Energy - 5

The thought forms are very powerful. This is agreed by most of the modern scientists too, a confirmation of the fact that our ancient maharishis were already proclaimed that the thought forms are very powerful. Thought forms are the manifestation of bio electro magnetic waves which travel faster than the light. These thought forms exists in the form of vibrations or pulsations or sensations within the body before it is manifested outside in the form of a sound, which we call as speech. These thought forms pass through four stages before it is expressed outside in the form of sound. These four stages are Para, Pasyanthi, Madhyama and Vaikhari. When spoken outside, they form a magnetic field around the target person. If the thought forms are filled with genuine love, compassion, affection or goodwill and when the magnetic field touches the target person it will bring about a very positive change in the targeted person. On other hand if these thought forms are filled with hatred, anger and all other negative energies the magnetic field around the words is very negative and it will have a very disastrous effect on the targeted person and that is how the aura of the other person will be seriously affected.

The second example: But according to spiritual law when a person is filled with negative thoughts of anger, hatred etc and when he curses or utters negative words at another person, though momentarily there may be a setback at the targeted person but in the long run it will have a disastrous effect on the sender of these negative words and this will also affect their own aura in different way. For example, in the beautiful story of Sripada Sri vallabha charitamrutam one character called as Vissavadhanulu was always very critical about anything and used to haul words filled with anger, hatred, jealousy and his aura got changed and it assumed the form a porcupine or his aura was full of pricks, thorns and needles. That is why he was born again as a plant with full of thorns, Sreepada Sri vallabha had given him moksha at the end.

In the same way when you are very critical and if you do not appreciate even the truth, but keep on poking others by using words which hurt another person very much and If you continue to do so, then in the course of the time the aura will completely change and in the next life you will be taking the a birth of porcupine or animal or plant with full of thorns. That is why we should be very careful when we are using our words or talking to a person, we should always talk without any harsh criticism. If you do not  like the conversion or opinion of the other person then silently get up and walk away from that place.

This was also proven using the Kirlians camera. A person’s aura was photographed and the person was advised to use harsh words with full of hatred, anger etc and then after sometime if the arua was taken again of the same person the aura had developed thorns and needles all around its entire length of the aura, right from the head to the feet as shown in the picture below. Hence we should always treats others as we treat our own selves.

Image: Aura format when a person is full of hatred, anger etc.