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7 May 2017

Sripada New Age Energy - 6

Sripada New Age Energy - 6

A little more insight into the power of thought forms and the words. In some villages in Konkan region of India, the outskirts of all these villages were full of thorn trees and they occupied a huge area when the villagers assembled to chop down the tree, they found it is very expensive to do so.Then the elderly people who had assembled there deviced a plan. They formed a three of four groups consisting of half a dozen people. Their job is to go nearby these thorn trees and start scolding and abusing the trees. They used to do this for one or two hours and the second batch comes and they do the samething. It was very interesting to know that within about two or three weeks all those trees were completely dried up and there was no life in them. Then it was very easy for the villagers to burn them down. Afterward they carried away the ash and completely clean the area, even the root system also completely dead. This is the power of our words. The same effect can be expected, even if you do not utter the words outside, even if thought forms if you start abusing and scolding these tree, the same effect will be expected. In Fact the effect or the results will be more faster than in the first experiment. Now you can imagine the power of thought forms or the word forms. That is the reason we should be very careful when we are speaking out, for that matter to any others. That is why our elders used to say that ‘In the sky there are Thadaastu! Gods’. Thadaastu means ‘So be it’ and so let it happen as you desired.

If you are scolding your own son or daughter of family members, then mothers used to caution you not to do so, because of these Thadaastu gods. In esoteric science - that is spiritual science, these words with hatred or anger will exert a powerful negative magnetic effect, which will pierce and damage the magnetic field of the others. But there is one danger, as you damage the magnetic field of others by destroying the aura it will have a negative effect on your own aura. It will in course of time you would be paying the penalty of what you had done unconsciously. This is what had happened to Vissavadhanulu in Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitamrutam. That is a reason having known the fact now we urge you to not to use any harsh word any anyone. God has given us the mind to think and the tongue to talk, only in a very sweet language, if for some reason if you are unable to control your anger and hatred or any other negative feelings the best thing is you get up slowly and get away from the place. If you are totally and terrible annoyed with your children and if you want to utter negative words, the best thing is please get up and go away from that place. Do not say any harsh words to your own kid or kin. Majority of the humanity is having problems, untold miseries only because of the hatred, selfishness, anger and negative ambitions of the human beings over others. Most of the time poor or weak people of very much affected. Whenever the rulers are sadists only the poor people are very much affected, in present day society more than 80% population of humanity are suffering. Because of acts and deeds of the other people, due to because of their family members or strangers. In China, groups of people on holidays they walk into vast gardens which are full of huge trees and they go and hug the trees, start crying and telling their tales of woes and misery to those trees. Because no human beings now a days have a patience to listen to the problems and miseries of fellow human beings, it was regular practice to do so, within a month or two all these huge gigantic trees were completely dried up. This was a real story.

Here once again the trees who have been giving sustaining oxygen, in return they were given carbon dioxide did same thing, they gave their pranic shakthi to human being who are hugging the trunks of the tree and accepted the negative energy which are very harmful to their own life. All these human beings were recharged afterwards  but at the end all these trees were dead. This is the effect of thought forms and the words. Even in Guru Charitra, an old woman who was very much aged and entered into menopause, she wanted to have children, she went to lord Nrusimha Saraswati and she was granted a boon of having a child. Everyone surprised about how it would be possible, and Sri Guru told her to make some Pradakshanas (Rotations in clockwise) around Ashwardha tree for certain number of days everyday. After which her menstrual cycles were restored and she gave birth a beautiful child. When a woman in her post menopausal cycle, when revolves around certain trees which are filled with lot of positive energies will create certain favorable condition in the body. The sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone which will restore the normal menstrual cycle. That is how the  old woman gave birth to a beautiful child. But for this to happen you need to have 100% belief and very strong will to have a child and pray to that particular tree and the tree will grant you the boon, that is the reason in our sanatana dharma or civilization we worship the trees where as other religion people laugh at us without knowing the great science in this.

The greatness of Indian cow

A research was carried out in US on the special attributes of the Indian cow and they declared that the milk from the Indian cow has a lot of medicinal properties which no other milk from any other animals had these medicinal properties. The only animal in the creation of God which is very useful to the human beings is none other than India cow. The Indian cows which are not tied down by a rope at home but the cows are allowed to freely roam around. Even after they becoming very old and stop giving milk, still they are useful for human beings to maintain their health. The supreme court just given a ruling that these cows are very useful even in their old age because their urine had lot of medicinal properties. Particularly curing many skin diseases or disorders. That is why they banned cow slaughter in India. A friend of mine suffered from psoriasis for which there was no treatment in Allopathy. I suggested him to take cow urine daily in the morning, he had also white patches in between which are very visible and he was very much depressed and after 30 or 40 days he called me with lot of excitement that all the white patches on his skin were completely disappeared and his skin had attained a very bright complexion and glow. This was the case from another friend who was extremely happy with results as his skin was completely cured off from the skin disorders. Now we are going away from the Aura but in reality, we are not going away since all these subjects are inter-connected. You cannot separate one from another. The quality of the aura depends on the quality of the food we eat. Let us discuss this in our 4th chapter.