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29 April 2017

Sripada new age energy - 4

Sripada new age energy - 4
About the Aura

The maharshis of the ancient Bharath discovered that the human body is a biological magnetic device with a touch of cosmetic intelligence. The entire body is filled with this tremendous energy and this energy is concentrated in the five parts of the human body, namely the head, fingertips, toe fingertips, the eyes and the genitals. The high concentration of this energy is accumulated in the head namely in the brain, which is the centre for the thought forms. That is the reason if you look at the photographs of maharshi, sadhus and siddha purushas, you will see a brilliant halo around their heads and this is called as an aura. Just as the physical body attracts a lot of dirt, dust and bacteria, the human body has got the tendency of the perspiring. The perspiration, which is nothing but sweating which happens in the millions and millions of the minute pores on the skin. The dust, the dirt and the bacteria are deposited on the entire human body. That is the reason the physical body requires washing everyday with clean water. In the same way the pranamaya body (Astral body or the Etheric body) accumulates lot of dirt in the form of mucus because of the absorption of the negative energy, such as anger, depression, hatred, jealousy, fear etc. This can be compared to that of the perspiration that of the physical body. The other term is the auric mucus. These negative thoughts, they form a kind of mucus and they block the aura of the human body. That is the reason our elders said that food for thought. For astral body we need to give food thoughts, like pure love, compassion etc. which will minimize the formation of auric mucus. The quality of the aura in a human body depends on the inner thoughts of that particular human being. If the thoughts are benevolent the aura will be very bright and if the thought were very negative and dirty then the auras will also become dirty, it is as simple as that.

The people with benevolent aura will be having an aura around them which is silkish in nature. In other human beings the aura might be a little bit coarse, not fine when you try to feel it. The advanced healers can feel the auras of the human beings. In a healthy individual with benevolent thoughts the aura is very smooth, very bright and pinkish in color. Whereas the human beings with negative thoughts and dirty energy will have an aura which is very coarse, irregular and muddy-red in color.

The clairvoyants can see the aura around the human body forming a kind of an oval shaped layer from the head to the toes. It will not touch the physical body, it is spread around physical body of the human beings. Different colors of the aura will define various stages of the auras of the human body. In a very healthy individual the aura is very smooth and bluish in color. Those were with compassion and love which is pure the aura will be pink in color. The sadhus, mahatmas and maharshis will have a golden yellow color in their auras.

The food plays very important role in the formation of the auras. The best food is sathvik food, this will magnify the aura of the human body and if anybody walks nearer to that human being will immediately feel peace and harmony within himself.