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20 April 2017

Health is wealth - Chapter-2

Health is wealth

Ancient Bahrath when it was not invaded by the crusaders like by Muslims and Britishers the entire Bharath was very healthy. Both physically and mentally, because they were living like one family because they believed Vasudaika Kutumbam concept. Health is defined as wellbeing of both physical and mental. But most of us think health means only related to the body, physical plane only. But it is not so, both are interdependent. If you have a mental imbalance then tremendous frustration and anxiety etc, it will effect your physical body. The same way if there are any imbalances in the physical body it would impact the mental state of the individual. So these two things are interdependent. To maintain a perfect balance between these two Vaag Bhattaacharya suggested apart from practising Pranaayam, Yoga asanas etc diet is very very important. In those days, the food was cooked in the mud pots. Because  Vaag Bhattaacharya found that when the food was cooked in earthen pots which are clay pots, which are porous which are having all the properties of Pancha Tatvas (5 elements) like Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aakash. All these five elements are incorporated in manufacturing  the earthen pots. When the food was cooked in these earthen ports  without the lid, the air flows very  freely and the earth contains 22 kinds of minerals which help in the functioning of vital functions of the body. All these 22 minerals are very very important and all these 22 minerals are intact when the food is cooked in the earthen pots.

In those days even the richest people were cooking their food in earthen pots and those were eating Rotis, chapatis or pulkas was using the clay pans. I.e, pans pans made out of the clay or the mud pots. Even now in modern India in most  of the families in Gujarat and Rajasthan they use earthen pots to cook their food and also use the clay pans for making Chapatis or Pulkas. And the food cooked in the clay pots are very tasty, when compared to food cooked in the other vessels. The most dangerous vessel is Aluminium nobody should cook food in Aluminium vessels, which are highly poisonous and which are slowly they will make people very sick, particularly the kidneys will be affected first. So first of all, the Aluminium vessels should not be used for cooking food.

What about the pressure cookers?
Let us examine the food cooked in the pressure cookers in our next episode.

( To be continued…)