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20 April 2017

Sripada New Age Energy - 2

Sripada New Age Energy - 2

                                          ( …. Continuation…….)

1.    How to identify the Indigo and Rainbow children?

Let us take one example...

Ravi belongs to a higher caste family and he married a girl from a lower caste, they had one cute child of around 4 to 5 years named Sharan. Initially their family members did not approve their marriage particularly his brothers and sisters but gradually they changed their minds and after a gap of 5 years, on the festival of MakaraSankranti they invited Ravi’s family. By the time they arrived at the venue on the festival day, Ravi’s parents, brothers, sisters and their kids already gathered in the spacious front hall. Ravi’s elder brother’s and his sister’s children were playing together. They were playing a sort of puzzle game where they have to assemble lot of plastic parts and make some construction, seeing the picture given in that play kit. They had been struggling for a long time and slowly the elders also got interested and they also joined to solve the puzzle. After trying very hard they could not succeed. Now, this little boy Sharan saw the puzzle and with lot of confidence he went there and asked politely whether he would be given a chance to try it.
The children and adults laughed at this small boy and made fun of him by passing on various comments and tried to discourage him. Sharan was not affected by their talks, sat there and got all the parts and within about five minutes he solved the puzzle. And Lo….! There was silence. The people were hushed and they could not believe what has happened in-front of them ! A small boy of 5 years comes in with confidence, talks politely and within 5 minutes he solves the problem which even the adults could not solve even after working for  hours !
“So. this is the energy of the Indigoes. In the world there are lot of Indigo adults and also Indigo children. This is what I mean when I say Higher Consciousness. These people are very Quick-witted. 

In Japan they and picked up small kids between the ages of 8 to 12 years from various schools all over the Japan and had made a survey. These are called as quantum kids. A
Japanese boy who does not know English picks up Harry Potter novel and without opening the book, he says that in the page so and so he heard gunshots and he described entire scene there, they verified it was true. Another kid without opening the restaurant menu card he had described various recipes and also sensed aromas coming out of those dishes. And another kid just shuffled the pages of a big novel and described the whole thing in one of those pages accurately. But these kids do not know English, but, they were able to complete the task accurately which was given to them. This is the higher consciousness of the Rainbow kids and believe me these are the kids who are going to change the entire world when they grow into the adults.

2) One more characteristic of these Indigo kids or Rainbow kids?

Imagine you have gone on a visit to your friend’s house to attend a party with your 2 or 3 children. When you reach that place, you see that all are busy, you just walk out and stand in the balcony and overlook, you will notice all the children, both the boys and girls playing together, helping one another, without shouting or without quarreling. This is the breed of Indigo and Rainbow kids. They will never fight with one another. They are being compassionate, always share with one another and they also give a lot of energy to their parents.

The third way to recognize the children: when they ask question it appears to be very silly, most of the adults would never answer them correctly, even the scholars will fail to answer their questions which are very practical and logical and they will shatter all of your belief systems. The questions which we would not dare to ask without fear to our parents, are asked by these children and they will not leave until and unless they get logical answers. Mainly they ask questions about the mythology and they also pinpoint loopholes from different mythological stories and also share their logic opinion with their parents.
That is how about 5,000 year back when particularly India had shown the light of knowledge to the rest of the world, the knowledge which got destroyed slowly and systematically over the period of 5,000 years beginning of the Kaliyuga will be revived gradually by the consciousness of these Indigos, Rainbow and Crystal children. Of course it would take some time but there is hope.

All the sages, seers and great scholars who have open mind, intuitive powers have been telling these words, like people taking birth as kids with Higher Consciousness, some people call them as the Indigos, Rainbows etc while Pandit Shreeram Sharma Acharya, he coined the word for the first time as Pragna Putra long time back even before the westerns have coined these words. The business of the western world was only to take best parts of the Indian science ie.,the wisdom of the ancient as in the case of cunning tiger digesting all the useful and delicious parts of the goat and discard the other parts which are not useful for them.