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22 April 2017

Sripada New Age Energy - 3

Sripada New Age Energy - 3

The harmonic convergence of 1987

Actually these seeds of new energy were sown in 1985 and they slowly started sprouting in the year 1987. Approximately for every period of 25 years the overseer of the earth Lord Indra, who is concerned with the magnetic grid of the earth and also the collective human consciousness of the world comes down to the earth and measures both positive and negative energies. Harmony will prevail only when these energies are balanced, but there was a great imbalance between these two energies. The dark forces of negative side started gaining, suppressing the positive forces which believed in the nonviolence and peace. In 1962 when Lord Indra came down to the earth he called for a meeting and the Saptarishis (The western people have copied Saptarishis from us and named them as 7 sisters). Our Saptarishis were very much concerned about what is happening to these energies. If these negative forces are not controlled they would cause a great damage to the planet earth and could completely eliminate it also. So in 1962, 8 planets positioned in line with one planet and that was called as Ashta Graha Kutami ( sanctus of 8 planets). The renowned astrologers predicted that it was bad omen and that was the end of the world. Our planet earth is very small compared to many other worlds in the space or what we call as Brahmandas. There are many Brahmandas which are far more bigger than our mother earth. There are also people living far more advanced in the all ways from human beings. There was lot of chemical pollution and all other kinds of materialistic pollutions when emitted from the space were causing great disturbances to many people who were living in these stars. On one hand these pollutions are damaging. But more than these pollutions the thought pollutions were causing more damage to their worlds.

What is thought pollution?
It is nothing but hatred, jealousy, sadism, cruelty, killing people, destroying Nations, using chemical  weapons, using force, murders, raping of the women mercilessly etc., and in short, it is very difficult to describe what kinds of atrocities they had caused to the people who are innocent and believed in nonviolence. The energy which is emanating this kind of thought pollution was causing more damage to the other worlds. So in 1962 even the aliens have visited mother earth and attended harmonic convergence meeting. The meeting was conducted by Lord Indra and all the Saptarishis and lot of other saints, good people, they had attended and requested Lord Indra and aliens of the other world not to destroy the Mother Earth and they pleaded that they would pour out all their energies. After performing Tapasya (meditation) conducting Homas and other rituals to enhance earth’s vibratory levels and bring about the shift from negative to positive to some reasonable extent. Even aliens have promised to help. Satisfied by this,Llord Indra went back and only to return after 25 years. Later he measured the energies of male and female, then satisfied with the increase in the positive energy and slight reduction in the negative energy. Though the energies were not balanced, Lord Indra had seen the potential in the coming future which would create some more balance between these two energies, thus positive energies gaining more and more to neutralize the negative energies or negative forces. They had been trying their best to increase the vibratory levels of the mother earth to the positive side right after the beginning of the kaliyug. They could gain lot of strength after doing a very severe and serious penance for approximately about 5,000 years. Some of the seniors had been doing penance to increase the positive virbratory levels of the earth. That is how in 1987 a harmonic convergence was called and this kind of meeting took place all over the world. Because all the saints, compassionate beings think only in one way. Their thinking is quantum, their energies are connected very closely with each other and they work for one aim. This kind of meetings took place in Shambhala, in  the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. In Southern India nearby Courtallam, Tamilnadu. This spiritual parliament was headed by Agastya saint. This kind of harmonic meetings are also being conducted in deserts particularly in Gobi desert etc.

The Maharshis had given the assurance to Lord Indra and he went back with a satisfaction that things would change to the positive. So from 1987 if we calculate by adding 25 years it is year 2012. The energy of these Maharshis and saints from all over the world, particularly from India is not sufficient to raise the vibratory levels of the earth. The Saptarishis and all the saints and Siddhas, Sadhu Purush had taken the main lead giving guidance to rest of the people and their energies are also not sufficient to increase earth’s vibratory levels to the positive side, that is why they are taking the help of Indigos and Rainbows who in past lives had played a greater role in uplifting the vibratory levels of the earth to the positive side.

Thousands of people had come back with the knowledge having in their genes which they had acquired over the periods of many thousands of incarnations. That is how if we see from 1987, particularly in Bharat Desh, thousands of Yagnas and Nama Japas were performed, everywhere people are engaged in offering food to the people, what we call as Annadaana and some of the people are also improving their knowledge in natural remedies ie., Prakruthi Shastra, are also helping the mankind. Because they believe the person has to have a strong physical body and then a strong mind. So different people of different talents are helping people in different ways to bring about balance between the male and the female. When these benevolent and compassionate people are trying on one hand to increase the positive vibratory levels of The Mother Earth, the dark forces on other side will not give up till the last second. One good person has to sacrifice to eliminate 10 evil people, ie., 1:10 ratio.  Lot of people, particularly in India and in other Nations preferred to take birth with higher consciousness and only to fight with the evil forces and thus the Sripada Energy, in short, the Dattatreya Energy had spread from the holy mountains of Himalayas, particularly from the centre of Shambhala to the entire world. The Shambhala - Sham means good and Bala means strength. Also it can be said as Unconditional Love. Infact there are no proper words in English for most of the Sanskrit words, because English language is very shallow and very much limited when compared to Sanskrit language.

Shambhala is the central point for the Vishwa Kundalini. When this Vishwa kundalini is activated the positive and the negative energies, which are balanced will spread all over the world. And particularly they would be reaching in Spanish speaking countries. While the activation of kundalini has started in year 2000, and it already spread to spanish speaking countries to year 2008. A great leader will emerge from India who is selected by the Sages and the Maharshis, who had given him physical, mental and spiritual strength.They constantly guide him sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

The year 2016 in numerology represent number 9 (i.e, 2+0+1+6=9).  In numerology number 9 is the completion and 2017 numerologically is 1 (2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1). It is the beginning of the reforms all over the India. There are going to be struggles until year 2024 and ultimately the peace would prevail once again in the year 2025,which is again numerologically  9 (2+0+2+5 =9). In these 9 years period, it is going to be tough because the evil forces try all their best to defeat and destroy the positive forces and would not give up easily. Now we should prepare for these situations and we need not panic. Earlier some thousands of patriots who are all Indigos had sacrificed their lives to defeat the negative energies. These Sages, Saints and Maharshis are playing a very important role particularly in India, who will be ridiculed and who will be laughed at, and people of other religions will make a mockery of them. They often pass on negative and derogatory comments on their saffron color. Even most of the people of India consciously and unconsciously fight against their own people, the media (print media, TVs and movies) play negative roles and make mockery of color of saffron. The very word Hinduism which has given light to the entire world will be teased, insulted in many ways. We will discuss gradually about the new age energy, which is applicable to the  energy of Lord Dattatreya, who is called as ‘Nitya Nutanudu and Athi Praacheenudu’ ( The most modern and yet most ancient).