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18 April 2017

Health is wealth - Chapter-1

 Health is wealth

                Now a lot of people all over the world have become health conscious. Particularly in India, the cost of treatment is not affordable by the lower and higher middle class people and we just can’t imagine the fate of the people below the poverty line. The cost of treatment in corporate hospitals will even for a small aliment will give us a heart attack. Most of the corporate hospitals have become highly commercials and there is no guarantee that the patient will come out alive.  Unfortunately the doctors who studied modern medicine they mostly depend on various machines rather than their own logical deducts, they trust more and more on latest gadgets. First doctor will tell you to go for an X-ray. After examining the X-ray the doctor will advise you for a digital X-ray, the picture would more clear. Then the patient had no option so he goes for digital X-ray and once digital X-ray taken to the doctor, after examining the digital X-ray photo or the film he says why don’t you for MRI so that it would be more clearer for me and the poor guy had to go for MRI, which would be costing min Rs 6,000.00 to more than 8,000. What about the hidden expenses? Hiring the cab or auto and going to the diagnostic and coming back, again going back to see the consultant etc. Once that is examined he would say “This is what I have been telling from the beginning.”

So just to confirm his small doubt, three types of examinations the patient had to undergo. Same problem exists in other ailments, if you say you have small palpitation then immediately the cardiologist will tell you to go for angiogram. After under going angiogram it will be costing  somewhere between 18 to 20 thousands. Then he says for the time being it is ok but I suggest you that you for a stunt. So the poor patient had no option, which would be costing around 2.5 lakhs. Again in that both medicated stent and non-medicated stent, both are available. So the treatment const thus escalates, hence more and more people are going for the other alternative treatments. That is how now the Ayurveda is flourishing, the same case with homeopathy. A lot of people, particularly those who are above 50+ years are regularly doing pranayam, yogasan etc along with the herbal treatment. If anybody can’t do all these things because nowadays people are very lazy and they don’t take care of their own health, then at least if they could take care of their eating habits, that would also help them to a greater extent to maintain a very good health.

More than 3,500 years back the great disciple of Charaka, who himself is an Ayurvedic practitioner who wrote Charaka Samhita in sanskrit had a great disciple by name Wagg Bhattachaarya. He is a great ayurvedic practitioner and sage he lived for more than 120 years, made lot of research for more than 120 years and he also wrote one samhita in sanskrit about his own research findings. So we would be giving a brief introduction about what exactly is about his discoveries. Which are very practical, time tested and proved to be to improve the physical and mental health in our next chapter.