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8 November 2016


                                                      LIGHT WORKERS

In ancient Bharat or ancient India all most all villages were very prosperous and self-sufficient with full of prosperity and abundance. So let us take a story from a small village of ancient Bharat. This is the true story of Light Workers.
             In a small village of ancient Bharat there lived a compassionate person called Dharmanna. Dharmanna had two sons they named after Rama and Krishna. He had about 50 acres of land for cultivation and in  those days almost all the farmers had their own lands for cultivation. They worshipped the land. They used to call the earth as Bhoomata” which means “Mother Earth”, which was the reverence they had towards the mother earth. They used to worship Mother earth because Mother Earth was responsible for the survival of the entire humanity. Similarly they used to worship the cows. They also treated the cows as their mother. That is why they used to call them as “Gomata”. Almost all of them had large number of cows in their houses.
Besides 50 acres of land Dharmanna also had different gardens with different kinds of trees like mango, guava, pineapples, Jackfruits etc., Along with professional skills they also had spiritual knowledge and respect for the religion. They always used to assemble late in the evenings after completing their work at temples and listen to the epics of India like Ramayana, Mahabharat , Upanishads etc. All these stories have taught the villagers the morals, and the basic responsibilities of the human beings primarily, to worship the creation of God. The habit of sharing with other people was inculcated as they were listening to such stories from the Epics. Dharmanna was such a compassionate and kind hearted person that, he used to keep large pots of cow’s milk, butter, clarified butter and cow’s ghee for free distribution. All the villagers used to come to Dharmanna’s house and collect whatever they require. And they were not greedy. In turn the other villagers in other business who were expert in making different kinds of articles used to contribute to the society by supplying clothes, pots etc .(Barter system) The entire village lived as one family. If any marriage is to be performed, all the villagers used to participate treating the girl or the boy as their own. It is because of abundance and sharing habit the people were at peace and they were also helping the other people from the other villages whenever they were in need. Most of the villages were living like a single unit of family.
Dharmanna had two sons Rama and Krishna and their character from the childhood was molded by the environment which was very positive and harmonious, teaching universal brotherhood and love for one another. The mother was also kind hearted and she used to treat the villagers as she was expert in the knowledge of various herbal remedies. One day when Dharmanna was on deathbed he called his sons and advised that they should never divide the land between them and also the cows and the other properties. Further he advised them that they should share whatever they get from harvest and they should continue to do the social service. With these words Dharmanna departed from the world. Rama and Krishna loved each other very much and they decided to do whatever their father advised them to do so. They never divided the property but they were only enjoying and taking the equal share from the various food grains they cultivated and harvested in their fields. Many a times they used to perform rather worship the holy land. In those days funeral rites were performed in their own farm land and all the farmers in the village used to eat the food grains cultivated in their own land.
Rama did not marry. He lived alone. Whereas his younger brother Krishna got married and had four sons. Krishna, the second brother always used to think about his elder brother Rama who did not marry. He used to think to himself, “My brother is alone. He is not having any children to help him to cultivate the land, increase the produce and earn more money. Whereas I am married and have four sons to help me and a devoted wife. With the help of my family members I can increase the harvest and buy more and more land. But, whereas my elder brother is alone and cannot buy more land because of lack of helping hands. How I should help my brother?” This was his worry. “If I offer my brother my share of land he will not accept. If I offer him extra food grains he would refuse them. How I should help him?” As he was going on thinking he got an idea. At mid night when everybody was sleeping he used to carry some bags on his back and quietly he used to store them in his brother’s godown. This he continued to do quietly.
The elder brother Rama thought, “I am only one person and whatever share I have is more than enough for me. But whereas my younger brother Krishna is a married man with four sons, is having lot of responsibilities. How should I help him? If I give him my share he will not accept”. Like this he was also worried and he also got an idea. At  mid night when entire village was sleeping he used to carry some bags of food grains on his back and quietly used to place them in his younger brother Krishna’s godown. Both the brothers were doing this work very discretely. This continued for many years for 25 or 30 years. One day both the brothers carrying the bags on their backs happened to meet each other. Very silently they looked at each other and without uttering a word they continued their work. Somehow the villagers had come to know about this and they were all very very happy about the love and the sharing habit of these two brothers.
       Some villagers, they wanted to build a temple but they did not know where to build the temple. When the villagers from surrounding villages got assembled they came to know about the story of these two brothers and they were all inspired and motivated and were extremely happy that they could  find a place to build the temple. They did not find any sacred place better than this place. The vibratory levels of the land where the brothers stayed had increased by many folds. Whoever had come in the vicinity of this holy place got transformed and enjoyed the inner peace and harmony. A beautiful temple was constructed there.  The divine energy manifested in the holy land. The temples should be built on honesty, universal love, peace and happiness. And that is the temple. This was the story of the ancient Bharat of almost all villages. Only in India the habit of sharing is very common and that was why in ancient Bharat there were not at all any robberies and Police stations. Every person was in harmony and excelled skill in his particular field and at the same time, he had also the basic knowledge of spirituality. That is how the perfect balance was maintained. Throughout the ancient Bharat peace prevailed among the people.
            Let us establish this swadharma  once again. If you are very sensitive to the problems of the society and for the people, who are under privileged and if you want to do something for our motherland, our mother Nation and this is the time for you to wake up and do something for the society and this is the best opportunity that, God has given us by giving Manava Janma. It is very difficult and only after so many thousands of years we get this  human life or Manava Janma and the objective should be that we should progress spiritually and professionally in such a way that, we are able to contribute towards the people who need our help and towards the land, our holy Motherland. So, the light workers ! if you are sensitive to the prevailing problems of the society, you are definitely a light worker. Let us join hands. Let us light small candles and these small candles collectively become the POWERHOUSE, spreading universal brotherhood, love and peace among the people.

                               MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!
                        VANDE MATARAM !!!!!!!
                          BHARAT MATA KI JAI !!!!!!!